Atman Jiva Cikitasa

What is Atman Jiva Cikitasa, or Pneumatherapy?Sushruta pneumapath treating a child

Atman Jiva Cikitasa is Sankrit for Spirit Soul Therapy, or pneumatherapy in English.

Pneumatherapy is an ancient healing regime that may involve both cikitasa (sympathetic therapy) and pratikara प्रतिकार (offensive or retaliatory) therapy, depending on requirements.

Atman Jiva Cikitasa is the curative, therapeutic aspect of a lifestyle lived in complete Awareness of the flow of divine Energy through all things seen and unseen.

As a sub-division of the lifestyle, Atman Jiva Cikitasa is a comprehensive preventative and curative regime that ranges from being a healer, living in positive energy, spreading the beauty, serving humankind, to correcting imbalances (in mind, soul, spirit and body), to ejecting evil and negative spirit, resisting negative spiritual influences and even healing evil spirits.Pneumapath treats patient in clinic

Atman Jiva Cikitasa is the ancient therapeutic regime and lifestyle from which people have cherry picked modules over the ages; to present those modules as stand-alone solutions. There are almost a hundred examples of current therapies that one may cite in this case, of which Reiki, Chakra therapy, Pranayama, Crystal healing, Angel healing, Distant Energy healing, Intuitive healing, and faith healing are prominent examples.

Atman Jiva Cikitasa is a therapeutic regime for spirit and soul related ailments, some of which may impact conditions of the physical body, and be influenced by the physical body and its environment.

spiritual energy healer ancient historyAs a therapeutic regime, Atman Jiva Cikitasa relies entirely on Akasha (Skt), which is Universal Energy, or Chi/Qi. Prana and Citta are two forces within Akasha. We use the forces, also known as Chi/Qi/Ki in the Chinese/Korean/Japanese languages.

Atman Jiva Cikitasa is a universal concept found in all human cultures. It is ancient. It was first described in Upanishads from almost 3,000 years ago. It was reiterated in the Chinese Daodejing (Tau Te Ching) and discussed by Confucius (500BCE), it was practiced by Jesus, Pagan priests and Healers of the 1st century, its basic concepts were illustrated in the Fourth Gospel and Gnostic teachings of the 2nd century onward. It was elucidated by the Egyptian Hermetic Principles and was known to the Platoic schools, Aristotle and Neo-Platonism. It is common knowledge and lifestyle in the Bhagavad Gita era, and in the Mahayana Buddhist era of the 2nd century onward. It is at the root of Tantra, Zen, Shen, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and all prana/qi related therapies.

Practitioners study the anatomy of the soul, and of the spirit, and of the human body. The understanding that all elements that comprise the human being (body, soul, mind, spirit) are sympathetically connected is at the heart of Pneumatherapy, or Atman Jiva Cikitasa.

Healing practitioners pay attention to conditions in the soul minds (4 main lower chakras) and spirit minds (top 3 of the 7 main chakras) in diagnosis and therapy

Healing practitioners learn to sense, test and diagnose the subtle bodies, aura and chakras.
Atman Jiva Cikitasa, or Pneumatherapy may involve distant healing and no-touch therapy (as in Reiki), touch therapy, and holistic massage (including reflexology), energy manipulation, meridian, nadi, kundalini therapy, crystals and meditation, prayer and spiritual intervention.


Atman Jiva Cikitasa is part of a lifestyle of positive energy, beauty, peace, wholeness and healing.
Mystical union, called अनुयोग anuyoga or spiritual union, is often taught to patients and clients because much healing is effected by spiritual beings (without further help from a therapist). Atman Jiva Cikitasa is an empowering therapy designed to strengthen clients so they can heal themselves and go forth healing their communities. To this effect, active meditation and dharanis meditation training is often employed as therapeutic techniques. These are always used by practitioners to recharge and nurture their own relationship with the Universal Energy and helper spiritual beings. ancient energy healer

As a therapeutic lifestyle, adherents of Atman Jiva Cikitasa, or Pneumatherapy adopt habits of thinking, and living which in the west would be called “spirituality”. This spirituality lifestyle is to the spiritual essence of the human being, what bathing, a healthy diet and exercise is to the human body. It is an essential aspect of life and living on Earth. It is nurture for the soul, energy for the spirit, maintenance for the mind. Without these, one can expect to experience emptiness and shallowness, leading a life with no more purpose than a cat (making babies, taking care of babies, and sitting, waiting..). Without Atman Jiva Cikitasa life is marked with spiritual devastation, shallowness of soul, compulsive and manic depressive disorders, egocentricity, and consumerism and other contemptible ailments. Therapist practitioners of Atman Jiva Cikitasa necessarily become spiritual coaches and guides in this beautiful lifestyle.

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The Sanskrit words, Atman Jiva Cikitasa, in 1st century western Koine Greek (used by Plotinus, Jesus and other philosophical teachers East and West) translates to Pneumatherapy.
• The Sanskrit word आत्मन् atman, meaning spirit, has the Greek equivalent πνεῦμα pneuma.
• The Sanskrit word जिव jiva, meaning soul, has the Greek equivalent ψυχή psyche.
• चिकित्सा cikitasa, meaning therapy, has the Greek equivalent θεραπεύω therapeuó.